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Anja Müller

Translation Studies in Zittau, Germany. 5+ years experience in international adult education. For 5 years, freelance translator for English, Polish and German.

“At wordycat, I help language professionals expand their professional network and be more successful as freelancers.”

Anja Müller
Managing Director
Language Professionals Relations

Marie-Luise Groß

Translation Studies in Heidelberg, research on freelancer networks & Doctorate in Vienna. 7+ years experience with social media and enterprise collaboration in international companies.

“At wordycat, I help businesses find the right expert for international communications and support both parties in their professional collaboration.”

Dr. Marie-Luise Groß
Managing Director
Business Clients Relations

wordycat builds on 5+ years of empirical research

Our findings show that business in the translation industry relies heavily on trust, personal referrals and mutual fondness. We are more likely to hire someone if a colleague or friend has recommended this person to us. This holds particularly true for creative language services, such as translation, transcreation or copywriting. As clients might not understand the language into which a text is translated, they cannot assess the quality of the translation. That's why a client's trust in the freelancer's skills and expertise is essential for a healthy business relationship.

We all profit from long-term, trusted business relationships

Creative services, like copywriting, translating and international communications, aren’t simple and anonymous "gigs": Language professionals understand their clients’ business, their products and services, and the target markets they’re selling to. Anyone can call themselves a translator or copywriter. This makes it difficult for businesses to find real language professionals. wordycat uses cutting-edge scientific knowledge from social network analysis and talent management to bring language professionals and businesses together. A client’s requirements are matched with information about language professionals’ mutual referrals, professional relationships, skills and experiences. In order to keep the focus on the language professionals' skills and expertise, wordycat will not offer preset rates. Every language professional will quote their prospects individually and confidentially.

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